How to send a bulk e-mail to Owners

Follow these steps to send a bulk email to your Owners:

  1. Open the Owners view
  2. Select the Owner or group of Owners you want to send the email to.
    TIP: Go to Edit, then Select All menu to select all of the items in the view

    Image 1 owner_email_4
  3. Right click on the select Owner(s) and select New Email
    Image 2 owner_email_1
  4. When the new Email windows displays, type the message you wish to send
    TIP: You can go to File,  >then Open to select a pre-made template .Image 3 owner_email_2
  5. Select the Send button to send the email.
    NOTE: Any merge fields used will auto-fill themselves once the send button is selected Image 4 owner_email_3

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