Scheduling Invoice Payments in Console Pay

Tenant invoices can be scheduled for receipting through Console Pay.


Only invoices for tenants set up with Console Pay will appear in this tab.

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  1. The Invoices tab will display a list of all invoices attached to tenants (payers) who are setup to use Console Pay.
  2. To process, select the checkbox beside each invoice entry you wish to process.
  3. Click Process X invoices – where x equals the number of invoices selected.
  4. Invoice payment requests are created and sent to Ezidebit for processing.
    Note: Invoices will be processed on the day you process them – we recommend ensuring your tenants are aware of the direct debit payment method for any invoices raised.
  5. You can elect to ‘Hide’ invoices from your list if they are due to be receipted outside of Console Pay, i.e by cash/eft etc.
  6. The search function allows you to view any invoices where the due date falls prior to the date selected, including any that are overdue.
  7. You can also opt to select the exact day for the invoice payment to be taken by clicking VIEW and making the appropriate date selection, then PROCESS


IMPORTANT: We recommend amending your invoicing template (remittance advice) to show the preferred payment method is Direct Debit to avoid your tenants making payment by another method once you have scheduled the payment. Refer to Adding a Remittance Advice to Invoices if required.

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