How to reverse an EFT payment

You cannot Reverse an EFT Payment.

The transaction is required to be manually reversed. This means, presenting off the adjustment, and then receipting the funds back into the associated file.

Present off the Adjustment

  1. Go to Transactions, Reconciliation Wizard and then select Advanced Reconciliation.

  2. Click the Adjustments tab then locate the EFT payment.
  3. Double click the adjustment and click Yes to present it off.

Manually Reversing the Payment

Now that the adjustment has been presented, you can receipt the funds back to the file.

  1. Go to the Main menu, click Transactions then Receipt.
  2. Ensure the following;
    • Type: Miscellaneous.
    • Details: Appropriately describes what this Receipt is for.
    • Deposited:  Tick as monies have not left the Trust Account.
    • Dissection: Only required when receipting to Owners, and then it should be Money Received From Owner.


You have now manually reversed the EFT payment.

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