Rental Increases in Console Pay

During a tenancy, you may need to perform a rental increase. You can do this by amending the payment schedule.


1. From the Tenants tab in Console Pay, select View next to the appropriate tenant.

2. Select View & Edit Schedule.

3. Select Edit next to the payment that falls closest to the rental increase date – please note, if your rental increase date does not line up with the start of the payment period, the tenant may fall into arrears by the increase amount multiplied by the number of days between the rental increase date and the start of the next payment period.

EXAMPLE: The increase may be due to take place on the 19th of the month, but the closest automatic payment is scheduled for the 20th. Therefore when processed, the tenant will not have paid the increased amount for the 19th. You will need to retrieve these funds from the tenant – please refer to [insert URL for Once-Off Payments here (pending approval)].

4. On the Edit Payment screen, select the option to Edit this payment and all future automatic recurring payments, enter the new amount, and click Save.

5. The edited payment and any future automatic payments should now reflect the correct amount in the tenant’s schedule.

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