Privacy and Disclaimer Statement – FAQs

Why do I need a Privacy and Disclaimer Statement?

There are certain laws that govern the way a business can collect, use, store and disclose personal information. If you collect this kind of information, for example, names and email addresses through a contact form on your website, then you may need a privacy statement to ensure individuals are aware of the purposes for which the information is collected, and how this information might be used.

A disclaimer may be incorporated into your website’s privacy statement document. A website disclaimer aims to inform readers that the website may contain opinions and information and that the business is not legally responsible for or what the reader chooses to do with it.

I do not have a Privacy and Disclaimer Statement, how do I obtain one?

It is the responsibility of your business to create and publish your own privacy and disclaimer statement that addresses topics relevant to your company. More information can be found in at the bottom of this page.

If you are still unsure what should be included or how to obtain a statement you may wish to speak to your legal representative for advice.

How can I upload a Privacy and Disclaimer Statement on my WebChoice website?

You can now upload your own privacy and disclaimer statement through the Configuration page of your WebChoice website content management system. Links on how to do this are provided at the bottom of this page.

When should you make this change?

You can upload your own privacy & disclaimer statement anytime and it will immediately replace the current statement on your website.

From the end of February 2018, we will be removing any Console automated privacy and disclaimer statement.

What will happen if I do not make these changes by February 2018?

Nothing will happen to your website, we will just be removing our statement at this time.

If you have not uploaded your own statement by this date a statement will no longer display. You will still, however, have the option of uploading your own at any time.

Why is the current WebChoice Privacy and Disclaimer Statement being removed?

The privacy and disclaimer statement currently displaying on your website is our own and therefore not aligned with your company.

For this reason, we are removing it and providing you with an easy way to upload your own statement without needing to contact our support team.

Helpful Links

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For how to upload a statement to your WebChoice website, please select your website type to watch the video:

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