Payment Service Provider Sync Tool

Note:  This tool is designed to help you identify any anomalies between your payment service provider (Ezidebit) and Gateway.

  1. Go to the main menu, click Transactions then Console Pay – the Console Pay screen displays.
  2. Click the Tools icon.
  3. Under Payment Service Provider Sync Tool, click Start.
  4. A list of Payers with issues displays.
  5. Refer to the Reason column for an explanation:
    1. Unknown Reference –  Gateway is unable to find a Tenant file with a matching reference listed in the Reference column.
      Remedy – open the tenant file, click Tools, then Banklink – confirm the tenant reference entered matches the same as your Ezidebit system.
    2. Incorrect Payment Method  – The Tenant referenced is not set to Direct Credit/Console Pay within the Banklink details.
      Remedy – open the tenant file, click Tools, then Banklink then select method as Direct Credit/Console Pay.
  6. Once you have fixed the SYNC issues in Gateway re-run the sync tool to ensure your inconsistencies are now matched.
  7. If no Payers are listed there are no issues and Gateway and Ezidebit sync automatically.

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