” You must setup a cheque template before using this feature”


When trying to process a journal or payment you are prompted with “You must setup a cheque template before using this feature”.

Image 1 chq_template_1


This prompt is caused by having cheque printing enabled, but not having a cheque template correctly configured.


If your office does not print cheques then disable cheque printing. Go to Tools > Options > Printing tab, then deselect the Print option in the cheques section.

Image 2 chq_template_2

If your office does print cheques, then you will need to setup your cheque template.

  1. Go to Tools , Options , Printing tab.
  2. Enable the Print option in the cheques section by ticking the Print to box
    Image 3 chq_template_3
  3. Click on the Printer button and select the correct cheque printer
    Image 4 chq_template_4
  4. Click OK
  5. In Tools > Options, click the Folders tab and note the location set for templates.   eg. C:\ProgramData\Console\Gateway 7.0\Templates
    Image 5 chq_template_5
  6. In Windows, browse to the same location as noted in step 5 above.

    Image 6 chq_template_6

  7. If there is no file called Cheque.tpl in this folder, then copy and rename the file called ContChq.tpl to Cheque.tpl  TIP: If you have the Windows option Hide extensions for known file types enabled then the file will be called ContChq and just rename this to Cheque
    Image 7 chq_template_7
  8. Go back into Gateway and go to Tools > Options > Printing.
  9. In the Cheques section click on the Template button, and the cheque template will open.
  10. If required, you can modify the cheque template to your office needs to match your cheque stationary.

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