Matching Console Pay References in Console Cloud

Whether you’re a new business or migrating across to the Cloud, you will need to know how to match references between Console Cloud and Ezidebit to ensure you’re getting the most of your bulk receipting functionality.


In Console Cloud:

1. Log into Console Cloud.
2. Navigate to Relationships, then click Tenants.

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3. Locate and click on the appropriate tenant.

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4. From the Tenant Agreement screen, select Edit.

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5. Scroll down to the ‘rent reference’ field and populate this with your desired reference for the client (must be unique – mobile number is most commonly used.) Click Save & View.

In Ezionline:

1. In a separate browser, log into Ezionline. If you don’t have your credentials, please email to request they are resent.
2. Search for and select the appropriate tenant from the Ezionline Find Payers dashboard.

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3. From the payer screen, select Edit Payer Details and enter the matching reference from Cloud into the Client Contract Ref field, and click save.

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NOTE: You can choose to copy references from Ezionline back to Cloud instead of vice versa, as Ezionline will always have a reference whereas Cloud may not. It doesn’t matter which reference is copied to across to which platform, as long as the Client Contract Ref field in Ezionline and Rent Reference field in Console Cloud match.

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