How to Install and Configure Gateway Connect

Gateway Connect is a piece of software used by several Add-on programs (eg. LiveAgent Inspections and third-party integrations) and should only be installed on the office server.

To install and configure Gateway Connect

  1. Download the Gateway Connect installer from our Downloads and Updates page.
  2. Double click the installer icon to start the install.
    Image 1 gw_connect_install_1
  3. If prompted, select Yes to the Windows User Account Control prompt.Image 2 gw_connect_install_2
  4. Click Next.
    Image 3 gw_connect_install_3
  5. Then click Next again.
    Image 4 gw_connect_install_4
  6. Click Install.
    Image 5 gw_connect_install_5
  7. The installation will begin.
    Image 6 gw_connect_install_6
  8. Once the installation has finished, click Finish.Image 7 gw_connect_install_7
  9. The Diagnostic Tool will run automatically.Image 8 gw_connect_install_8
  10. If a proxy is detected, click Yes to the prompt. If not prompted go to step 12.Image 9 gw_connect_install_9
  11. Enter in your office proxy server details.Image 10 gw_connect_install_10
  12. When Gateway Connect appears, enter your office details – customer number, last 4 digits of licence number, SQL Server instance, and database.Image 11 gw_connect_install_11
    TIP: To find your office licence number, open the Gateway Main menu, go to Help, About Console Gateway and then scroll down to the licence number.
    Image 12 gw_connect_install_15
    Image 13 gw_connect_install_16
  13. Enter the details, then, click Register.Image 14 gw_connect_install_13
  14. The main Gateway Connect window appears. Click the red X to close this window. The sync will continue automatically in the background.Image 15 gw_connect_install_14

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