How to Create Labels

Tip: Don’t forget you can always change your word processor in Gateway from Wordpro to Word (and back again!) through Tools, Options, then the Other tab. Untick the Word Processor setting to use Wordpro, or tick to use Microsoft Word.

Image 1 Tip Labels

Labels in Wordpro

  • Select Tools, then WordPro to open a new WordPro document.
  • Select Insert, then Merge Field, expand Contacts and select Address Block. Click Insert then Close
    Image 2 Tip Labels
  • Select Tools, then Envelopes & Labels.
  • In the Labels tab, select Label Settings and enter the settings for your labels. These settings may be printed on the packet or you may need to measure the labels on the page.
    Image 3 Tip Labels

Top: The distance from the top of the page to the top of the first label.
Side: The distance from the left side of the page to the left  side of the first label.
Vertical Pitch: The distance from the top of one label, to the top of the label below, including any space in between.
Horizontal Pitch: The distance from the left side of one label to the left side of the next label, including any space in between.

Height: The height of the label.
Width: The width of the label.
Number Across: The number of labels across the page.
Number Down: The number of labels down the page.

NOTE: If these settings are not set up correctly your labels may print on top of each other.

Image 4 Tip Labels

  • Select Save as Default, then OK and use the X button to close the Envelopes and Labels Window.
  • Save your document and call it Labels.

NOTE: When a new label size is set up we recommend testing the layout by merging a few records and printing on plain paper then comparing the result with the label paper.

  • To merge Gateway data to your Wordpro labels, go to the View and highlight the records you wish to produce labels for.
  • Right click then select New Letter and then select the Labels document. Labels will preview one record per page. It is not possible to preview the labels as they will print.
  • Select the Print Merge Labels icon from the mail merge toolbar
    Image 5 Tip Labels

NOTE: If you normally use Microsoft Word as your word processor in Gateway, once you have completed your labels in Wordpro, remember to return your Word Processor setting back to Word in ToolsOptions Other.

Watch the video for a demonstration;

Creating labels in Word

  • Select Word from the Tools menu and select the Template type of Contact click OK.
    Image 6 Tip Labels
  • When the Word dialog box opens, highlight Blank Document and under Create New, select Template and click OK.
    Image 7 Tip Labels
  • First we need to ensure your label type and size is available
  • Under Mailings ribbon select Labels and then click Options.
    Image 8 Tip LabelsImage 9 Tip Labels
  • Choose the correct label description to match your label type and size.
    Image 10 Tip Labels
  • If the label type and size you are using does not appear on the list you may create your own label details by clicking on the New Label button – create your new label and click OK – Click on the X to Close the label options dialog box.
    Image 11 Tip Labels
  • Under Mailings select Start Mail Merge.
    Image 12 Tip Labels
  • Choose Labels and select the correct label name – click OK.
    Image 13 Tip Labels
  • Again, under Mailing select Start Mail Merge and select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.
    Image 14 Tip Labels
  • In Step 3 of 6 of the Wizard, when prompted to Select Recipients – choose Use an Existing List.
  • Select Next – Arrange your labels.
  • In Step 4 of 6 of the wizard, select More items, Insert Merge Field dialog box appears
  • From the list of available fields select Contact_Address_Block click Insert
  • Under Replicate Labels in the wizard select Update all labels.
  • Your document will look like this:
    Image 15 Tip Labels
  • Close the Mail Merge Wizard Screen, select Save As and give your label template a name, then close Microsoft® Word.
  • To merge your Gateway data to your Word labels select the Contact records you wish to print labels for.
  • Right click, select Print, change report type to Merge Document (Word opens the new documents dialog box)
  • Double click the Label template you recently created.
  • Select Finish and Merge, and then select Print Documents.

NOTE: It is not possible to preview labels before printing. When a new label size is set up test the layout by merging a few records and printing on plain paper, then compare the result with the label paper.

Watch the video for a demonstration

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