How do I create new menu buttons for my website?

  1. Click the Website menu, then click Add New Menu Button
  2. Enter a name for the menu button in the displayed field


  1. Select whether you would like the menu button to be a parent menu button, or a sub-menu button (see note below)
  2. Next, select what you would like the menu button to link to. You can link to either:
  • An existing webpage
  • An existing category (a collection of webpages)
  • A new webpage, which you will then be prompted to create
  • An external link (e.g. your YouTube account)
  1. Once you are happy with your new menu button, click on the Save button on the right-hand side of the page

NOTE. A parent menu button is one that appears at all times on your website menu. A sub-menu button is one that appears when you hover over one of the parent menu buttons.

Generally, parent menu buttons should be used to group similar menu items together, and submenu buttons are for your actual content links (eg. you could have a parent menu button called Buying, beneath which you could have all the links that you think would interest people who are looking to buy a property).

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