Gateway Cannot Continue Because the Licence Path Could Not Be Created


The following message may appear when attempting to open Gateway:

Console Gateway has encountered a potential licensing problem.

Gateway cannot continue because the license path could not be created.

Click Registration Wizard to enter a new Activation Number.


The possible causes for this message are as follows:

  1. The computer cannot gain access to the Licence path location.
  2. The user’s Windows permissions are not sufficient to allow the user to locate or access the Licence path location.


Ensure that the Registration folder path is correct and accessible by the user. To ascertain the correct location of the Registration folder:

  1. Use a workstation that is currently operating Gateway. From the main menu, select Help, Activation Wizard.
  2. In the Registration Wizard, select Next to advance to the Registration folder window. Take note of the folder location (eg. \\Server\GWShared).
  3. Return to the workstation which is experiencing the licencing error and select Activation Wizard from the original error window.
  4. Select Next on the Activation Wizard to advance to the Registration Folder window and enter the correct folder location (eg. \\Server\GWShared).

Ensure that the Windows User Account attempting to register Gateway has sufficient permissions to the Registration Folder locations. Windows users require full read/write access to the Registration Folder.

To test this, on the computer that is receiving the error message, select Start and then Run (alternatively Hold the Windows Key and hit the R key).

This will open the Run window, enter the correct Registration Folder location (eg. \\Server\GWShared) then select OK.

Any error message indicates an error in connecting to the location. This should be passed on to your IT Technician.

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