Errors After End of Financial Year

First Disbursement after EOFY

  • During your monthly & EOFY Disbursement you will have selected Financial Year Statements in your Trust Account Reports section of the Disbursement Wizard.
    Image 1 EOFY Tip Errors after EOFY
  • Gateway remembers your last profile created in the Disbursement Wizard.
  • Ensure you untick Financial Year Statements when performing your next disbursement run ie: Mid month or EOM disbursement in July.
  • If this is not unticked, you will produce your EOFY Statements again.
    Image 2 EOFY Tip Errors after EOFY

Financial Year Statements include transactions from the previous financial year

  • By default, Financial Year Statements include all transactions since the last Yearly Close was performed. If a Yearly Close was not performed at the end of the last financial year, then Financial Year Statements printed this year will include transactions for the last 2 years.
  • To view the current year, prior to printing a Financial Year Statement(s), select Customise. Set the Filter to Date Range and specify the required period.

Dissections Appearing / Not Appearing on Financial Year Statement

  • Each dissection can be set to be excluded from Financial Year Statements. If this is set incorrectly, a dissection that should not appear on the Financial Year Statement may be displayed, or a dissection that should appear may be excluded.
  • To correct this, open the incorrect dissection and tick or untick Exclude from Owners Financial Year Statement as required. You can then reprint the Financial Year Statements.

Incorrect Dissection Allocated

  • To correct dissections allocated on the owners End of Financial Year Statement, first print the owners ledger. Once you have the ledger, open the owner file, and select Tools, Dissections.
  • Specify the correct property and Financial Year if the owner has multiple properties. Set Month to All and deselect Group By Dissection. Look at each transaction on the ledger printout. Use the audit number to locate the entry for that transaction in the Dissections screen.
  • If you identify that the incorrect dissection was chosen for this transaction, click on the Open button.
  • Delete the incorrect dissection and type the new one – Gateway will prompt with matches as you type.
  • Repeat the above steps until all incorrect dissection allocations have been corrected for this owner. Once done, you can then reprint the Financial Year Statement.

For more examples watch this short video;

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