Editing and Managing Tenant Payment Schedules in Console Pay

Using Console Pay it is easy to update new rent amounts or tenant account details in the tenant’s payment schedule.

IMPORTANT:  When making any changes to the Console Pay Tenant Payments Schedule you need to update the Gateway Tenant file manually refer to Console Pay FAQs if required…

  1. From the Tenants view, select the relevant Tenant and double click to open
  2. Click Tools, Console Pay – the Console Pay > Tenants screen displays
  3. If more than one contact, select the relevant Contact and click View and Edit Schedule
  4. A list of all scheduled payments, debit date, type and amount displays.
  5. Click Edit against the individual payment to update as required, then click Save.  Edit and individual payment or apply a rent increase/decrease from the selected payment forward.
  6. To change Payer details, from within the Edit Schedule screen, click on the blue linked payer name on the left
  7. Update details, then click Save.

  1. To Update start date, end date amount or frequency of recurring rent schedule, select EDIT SCHEDULE, edit as required, then click   Save.
  1. For changed bank details, under Console Pay Status, select Edit Credit Card or Bank Account
  2. Update method or bank account details, as required then click Update.

    Note: You can also navigate back through the breadcrumb at the top of the screen if required.

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