Editing the Financial Year Statement Message

Just like the regular monthly statements to Owners, you can include a unique message at the bottom of your Financial Year Statements. If you would like to set up a message follow these steps:

  • From the Tools menu, select Options.
  • Click the Statement tab.
  • Choose Statement Types:  Financial Year.
  • Under Configuration select Financial Year Message.
  • Type your message into the blank space.
  • Use Align, Position, and Font to edit the appearance of the message.
  • You can preview how the message looks on the statement by selecting the Preview option.
  • We recommend printing a hard copy of the preview statement to check the layout and appearance.
    Image 1 EOFY Tip EOFY Statement Message
Here is a suggested Disclaimer message

This Financial Year Statement is for the purpose of assisting you with your financial reporting.
These reports must be read and used in conjunction with Property Management Statements/Tax Invoices which are supplied from our office each month.
We suggest you verify and reconcile the final income amount shown on this report with the monthly payments that you have received from our office.
The information shown on this report should not be used for your annual Business Activity Statement (BAS) reporting. All GST entries and expense items need to be verified with the tax invoices which have been attached to and summarised in your monthly Property Management Statements /Tax Invoices.
We advise that it is our understanding the GST cannot be claimed for residential properties.
We also suggest you review all expense items to ensure they are eligible as an expense for Income Tax purposes and not as a depreciating Capital Purchase.

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