How does a database restore affect Console Pay

Following a restore running the Sync Tool determines if you have any data inconsistencies between Gateway and Console Pay i.e if you have entered any new tenants/properties/payers since your last backup date and then you restore, you may need to re-enter these entities to allow Console Pay and Gateway data to sync.

Following a restore go to Transactions, Console Pay click Utilities then Start Sync Tool.

A list of inconsistencies and the Reason displays:

The two common reasons are:

  1. Unknown reference (Remedy: Enter tenant into Gateway and use the same reference as Ezidebit to allow matching)
  2. Incorrect payment method (Remedy: set tenants payment method to Direct Credit/Console Pay in Tools > Banklink)

Once the data is re-entered into Gateway and inconsistencies remedied, we recommend re-running the Sync Tool to ensure all changes have been fixed –  a blank list will display.

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