Creating Commercial Invoice Payments in Console Pay

  1. When entering Commercial invoices in Gateway you are prompted to allow the receipting of these invoices to be managed in Banklink.
  2. To enable click Tools, Options then EFT/Bpay
  3. Select Include Tenant Invoices in Banklink Wizard.
  4. Once enabled, all invoices attached to Console Pay tenants created individually or via the recurring invoices wizard are available to be receipted in Banklink via Console Pay.
  5. Once enabled, enter your invoices as normal into Gateway and to appear on the Invoices Tab in Console Pay.
  6. Select one or multiple invoices to schedule a payment (only invoices which fall due within 4 business days or are past due can be scheduled for payment)

IMPORTANT:  We recommend amending your invoicing template (remittance advice) to show the preferred payment method is Direct Debit to avoid tenants making payment by another method once you have scheduled the payment. refer to Adding a remittance advice to invoices if required.

Note: Banklink receipting rules apply here, so make sure there is no Paid To date entered in Gateway otherwise these funds will be allocated to rent instead of the relevant invoice.

When deciding the initial allocation of monies, Banklink uses this sequence

  1. Rent (arrears)
  2. Invoices (paid in order of due date so amend as required)
  3. Rent (up to vacate)
  4. Deposit (if rent is paid to vacate)

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