Creating a new ClientManager User

To Create a new User

  1. Go to the side menu, then select Admin, then Add New Staff Member.
  2. Now go through and fill out the main details, as highlighted below;

    The Security email address must be unique from any other email addresses in your office account.

  3. Now click Save. An email will be sent through to the User’s Security email address so they can set up their password.
  4. Now you will have to either, email or, call Support on AU 1300 131 311 & NZ 0508 641 199 to enable the user to be a Client Manager User.
  5. Once the user is enabled you can edit the User’s permissions. Go to the side menu, select Admin, then Current Staff List and then select the user you created.
  6. Now within this user, you will see new Client Manager permissions to setup
  7. Once you have finished, click Save. The user will have to Log out, then Log back in then they will have ClientManager Privileges.

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