Console Pay FAQ’s

What is Console Pay?
Console has partnered with payment solutions provider Ezidebit to provide a more efficient way to do your trust account receipting. With Console Pay integration, Gateway automatically pulls your settled transactions and displays them ready to receipt, so you don’t have to download files from a separate system and import them.

How do I sign up with Console Pay?

If you are interested in signing up with Console Pay, you can register through our website here. A member of our Sales team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to help you get started.
What fees are involved?
There is a simple, all-inclusive fee structure that includes administration, support and an SMS reminder service for tenants:

Australian Pricing:
  • Direct Debit: $1.50 / transaction
  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard): 1.5% (minimum $1.50)
  • Credit Card (Amex/Diners): 4.4% (minimum $1.50)
  • Dishonour fee (paid by tenant): $14.80
New Zealand Pricing:
  • Direct Debit: $1.65 / transaction
  • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard): 2.46% (minimum $1.65)
  • Dishonour fee (paid by tenant): $14.95

How do I get my tenants to sign up?
Our Concierge team will assist you in getting your existing tenants signed up; it’s all part of the service. They will send your tenants an email invitation to pay their rent by Ezidebit (you can approve the wording). This email will have a link to a web page where a tenant can confirm their rent amount and payment frequency, enter their bank or credit card details, and review/accept the T&C’s.

Can tenants pay by BPAY?
No – Console Pay is designed to give you control, with proactive rent collection for your landlords and efficient automated receipting. With BPay, the tenant is still required to remember to pay their rent and adjust the amounts when things change. They regularly get their reference numbers wrong, which interrupts your receipting. We believe direct debit is a superior method to collect rent.

Does Console Pay work with Commercial properties?
Yes – Console Pay works for Commercial properties including sheds and carp parks. We find that agencies who deal with large numbers of commercial properties often have a high average and/or maximum rent amount, which might mean you would be required to provide additional information during the sign-up process, such as a longer bank statement history.

Does Console Pay work with Sale or Holiday properties?
No – because holiday lettings and Sales are usually one-off payments and as such, there is no real value in having the tenant/buyer sign up to a regular direct debit agreement.

Do I need to have an account with a specific bank?
No – Console Pay works with any trust account, and can debit from any tenant’s Australian or New Zealand bank account.

What can be receipted through Console Pay?
Console Pay can be used to receipt rent, bond, invoices and deposit.

Are the funds cleared by the time they hit my trust account?
Yes – Ezidebit will settle funds to your trust account in 2 business days (usually 1 for credit card transactions). There are a very small number of cases (3 out of every 8000 transactions that Ezidebit processes, or 0.0375%, on average), where the banks notify very late that a payment has failed, and this is called a “late return.” In those rare cases, the next day’s settlement from Ezidebit will be “short settled” and if the transaction had been receipted, this will need to be reversed.

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