How to configure date, time and region settings for Microsoft Windows 10

Console Gateway relies on the computer’s Regional settings, especially the Date Format.
Computers with a Date Format other than D/MM/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY will insert incorrect dates in Gateway and cause quite a mess with your Paid To dates and you Inspections syncing to LiveAgent.

Follow the steps below on all computers that use Gateway in the office, to ensure they are set up correctly:

  1. Click the Start Button.
  2. The Start menu will open.  Type the word Region and click on Region Control Panel.
  3. Any machine that does not have English (Australia) in the Formats and Administrative tab could be inserting incorrect MM/DD/YYYY dates into Gateway:
  4. You will need to change these machines to English (Australia).
  5. You will likely get a prompt to Restart your machine if the system locale setting required changing:

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