How to Close your EOFY with the Date Range 1 July to 30 June

To ensure when you run your EOFY close, your statement date range shows 1 July to 30 June, you need to ensure that no transactions are recorded outside of this period. The easiest way to do this is to change your Transaction date to 30 June the morning of your EOFY close and enter all transactions that have occurred up until midnight on 30 June into Gateway.

It is important to note that if transactions are entered outside of this period, and you leave your transaction date as the first, your statement range will appear as the 1 July to 1 July the following year. You would need to restore your backup if this occurred.

After entering and processing transactions that have occurred in your database you are now ready to run through the disbursement wizard when running through this wizard please ensure your disbursement date is set to 30 June rather than 1 July.

Change the Transaction Date

  1. From the Transactions Menu select Date…
  2. Change the date back to 30 June



IMPORTANT:  When EOFY falls on a weekend, you can change your system date back to the 30th June to then run disbursements and receipts so your statements will appear dated 30 June.

Change the Disbursement date

  1. In the disbursement Wizard
  2. Complete your EOFY as usual or if you require further assistance check out our  EOFY Tips.


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