How to Allocate Tenant Invoices on Occupancy

Splitting an invoice by Occupancy Percentage

When individual accounts are received for a commercial building, these sometimes need to be split between the tenants based on a client’s occupancy % of the building.

Set the total Building area
  1. To set the total Building m2, open the Building file, General tab, then enter the total building m2 in the Area field provided.
    Image 1 Tip Allocating Tenant Invoices on Occupancy

    Set the tenants occupancy area
  2. Open their Property file, then Description tab, Floor (sqm): enter the Area in m2.
    Image 2 Tip Allocating Tenant Invoices on Occupancy

    Raising a split invoice
  3. To raise invoices for all tenants based on the Occupancy %, right click on the property Building file and select New Invoice for Building.
  4. Enter Invoice Details, then select New.
  5. Select the relevant Dissection, enter a description in the Details field, and enter the Amount.
  6. Tick GST if applicable.
  7. Where applicable select the Commission type and select OK.
  8. Click OK to save.
    Image 3 Tip Allocating Tenant Invoices on Occupancy
  9. The Invoice Allocation dialog box opens. Click Allocate by: dropdown, then select Occupancy % and select OK.
  10. Select Yes to print the invoices.

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