2014 QLD Tenancy Law Changes – Updating Trust Receipt Template

As of the 1st of December 2014, all Trust Receipts in Queensland require:

  • Agents Financial Administration Act 2014 to be displayed on the Receipt.
  • The Date the receipt was created.
  • The Licence Number for your real estate agency.

Follow these steps to amend your receipt template:

  1. Select Tools, then Options.
    Image 1 ToolsOptions
  2. Select the Printing tab then choose the Template option under Receipts.Image 2 PrintingTemplate
  3. Once the receipt template opens, right click on the Act Field and select Edit.Image 3 ActEdit
  4. An Edit Text box will then appear allowing you to change the text.
  5. Type in ‘Agents Financial Administration Act 2014’, then click OK.Image 4 ActEdit2
  6. To insert the agency Licence Number, click Insert and select Text.Image 5 InsertTest
  7. An Insert Text box will then appear, enter your Licence Number and click OK.Image 6 InsertLicence
  8. There are no requirements on its location, place it wherever you like.Image 7 LicenceNumber
  9. To insert the Created Date field, select Insert then choose Field from the main menu.Image 8 InsertField
  10. Click the + sign, find the Created Date field and click Insert.
  11. Again, there are no requirements on this fields location, place it wherever you like.Image 9 InsertCreated
  12. You will want to scroll down and add your changes to the Duplicate Copy at the bottom of the Receipt Template.
  13. The easiest way to do this is to Copy and Paste any fields you have changed.Image 10 EditCopy
    Image 11 EditPaste
  14. Once you are happy with your changes, select File and Save.Image 12 FileSave
Further Reading

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