End of Financial Year – Australia


EOFY – Australia

This page contains Articles, Videos, Training and Checklists to assist our Australian clients through their end of financial year close.


Unable to balance?

You must balance before you close off the year and month. If you are having difficulty balancing please see the below guides to help you reconcile your trust.

The likely reason you are not able to balance is due to a discrepancy with transactional data entry. Unfortunately, reconciliation is not always black and white and there are a number of different scenarios that could be affecting your reconciliation.


  • The transaction was done as cash instead of deposit
  • The transaction was duplicated
  • The transaction was done for the incorrect amount

For the above errors, you can simply reverse and redo the transaction. Click here for the guide on how to do so. Click here for the guide on how to reverse an EFT payment

  • The payment was done in Console but not in the bank (or vice versa)

Reconciliation Checklist

Use this checklist before you start crosschecking. click here

Balancing Tip Guide

Still unable to balance after crosschecking? Use this guide to further assist with getting back in balance.

If you require assistance and would like to book an appointment with one of our consultants, click here.